Innovative food processing technology


Food processing with nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields (nsPEF) inactivates spoilage micro-organisms and pathogens without changes of original taste, flavor and nutrient content of the processed beverages with substantial reduction of energy and water consumption

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About us

PEF Technologies B.V. is a start-up company which has been founded in 2018. Our team unites highly skilled professionals in the field of pulsed power electronics. During the years of experience we have acquired a lot of unique “know how” knowledge in the building of nanosecond pulse generators for the generation of high current electron beams.

The problems of food and beverages preservation and reduction of energy consumption are daily problems and not new. Our solution is to apply nanosecond pulsed electric fields to the food and beverages preservation. After a number of initial tests on proof of principle concept we came to the conclusion on technical and commercial feasibility of food and beverages preservation with the use on nanosecond high voltage pulses (nsPEF). 


We present a non-thermal and energy efficient innovative technology of food processing involving the application of short duration high intensity electric fields (nsPEF).Benefits of nsPEF food processing:

    • Higher nutritional and functional value of pasteurized beverages
    • Energy efficient technology (up to 20 times less energy consumption compared with pasteurizers).
    • Environmental friendly technology; substantial reduction of CO2 equivalent emission.
    • Extended shelf life of processed liquids.
    • Compact design and easy installation.
    • Wide range of machines for any production volume.
    • Customized solutions are possible

What we offer

The application of nsPEF technology is not limited by a certain product type. It can be perfectly applied to any type of homogeneouse product e.g. juces, yogurts, wines, etc.

Milk processing

There is no doubt that pasteurization provides a safe product with a relatively long shelf-life but often fails to preserve on bio-accessibility and bio-availability of nutritious components as any heat treatment. Our solution does not deteriorate the original fresh taste, color, flavor and all the nutritious content of the processed liquid. Specially it is important in cheese industry since the sensory aspect strongly depends on initial milk quality.

Beer processing

Consumers are increasingly opting to experiment with locally produced premium and international beer varieties. Most brewers now recognize that the premium brews industry would remain the most dominant segment. Pasteurization technology, which is widely use for beer preservation, changes it quality and taste. Our solution offers extended shelf-life of “life” beer and remains unchanged the original taste of freshly brewed beer.


Nanosecond PEF treatment based on phenomenon known as “electroporation” of cell membranes. As a result, it inactivates different kinds of vegetative spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms without deterioration of proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and pigments. The uniqueness of our idea is the use of nanosecond pulses instead of microsecond ones with much higher electric field intensity.

The main essence of our approach implies in the introduction of the new generator topology which is more practical and cheaper for development compared to any existing models. Our invention goes beyond the present state of art in the pulse generator development on the commercial scale.

High voltage nanosecond pulses are applied to the electrodes which are situated in the treatment chamber. The liquid is pumped through electrode arrangement and exposed to the pulsed electric fields. It results in a safe to drink product after the treatment is completed.


StartLife Accelerate Program


The team of PEF Technologies B.V. successfully graduated in StartLife Accelerate Program.

Novel-T, Bootcamp


The team of PEF Technologies B.V. was selected to participate in Bootcamp program powered by Novel-T. It gives us a great opportunity to approach multiple investors and to expand our network.

Vroege Fase Financiering (VFF) powered by RVO


The team of PEF Technologies B.V. is extremely proud to be granted for a Vroege Fase Financiering (VFF) powered by RVO on 20th November 2018.

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