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About us

Our company

PEF Technologies B.V. is a Dutch company established in 2018. During the years of research, we have acquired a unique “know-how” knowledge in high-voltage engineering for applications in food sector. Our technology has been validated together with leading food producers in European Union. The test results showed a huge potential of nanoPEF to preserve heat-sensitive liquids, like milk or juice, with much lower temperatures compared to conventional pasteurization. Our goal is to keep the original taste and useful nutrients in the processed product and to achieve zero fossil fuels consumption while maintaining a high level of product safety. We are striving to present a wide range of machines for various needs of businesses of any level of production.

Our solutions

The Covid pandemic and recent unstable geopolitical situation heavily affected the challenges of food industry. The prices for gas have reached sky high limits and consumer preferences have shifted towards CO₂ neutral or green label products, forcing food producers to invest in energy-efficient manufacturing. Furthermore, during Covid lockdown health awareness increased, the consumers tend to purchase products with ‘healthy’ label and added value, for example reinforced with proteins. The optimization of production in response to growing demand for high quality food products requires substantial investment. If you want to increase competitiveness in your company by improving the product quality or introducing new products to the market while reducing the production costs, than our technology is the best choice. The nanoPEF-processing provides higher bacteria inactivation than HTST-pasteurization (72°C, 15 seconds) while keeping processing temperature below 65°C. Our machine consumes only electricity, and it is up to 50% more energy efficient compared to other preservation methods. Pasteurization affects quality of products while nanoPEF-preservation doesn’t compromise the sensory properties and functionality of valuable nutrients.

Interested in our technology?

If you want to know more about our technology and how it could be beneficial for your business, we are glad to help! Would you like to see the performance of nanoPEF-preservation for your product? Our prototype equipment can be delivered to your place of production for trials. Please, fill in the contact form by pressing the button and we will react shortly.


We present a non-thermal innovative technology of food processing involving the application of short duration high intensity electric fields (nanoPEF).Benefits of nanoPEF food processing:

Original quality

Effective approach for preservation of heat-sensitive products without compromising on quality.


Environmentally friendly technology that provides up to 50% of energy savings and utilizes less water for cleaning.

Shelf life

Extended shelf life up to 1 month.


Compact design of our machines (<2m²) allows easy integration into any production line.


Scalable system for any production volume.

Tailored approach

Customized solution for different liquid products

Our Team

Yulia Mitko

Yulia Mitko

Valery Mitko

Valeriy Mitko

Prajwal Narayan

Prajwal Lakshmi Narayan

Mechanical Engineer
Meeuwes Buiten

Meeuwes Buiten

Business Development Consultant
Vincent Heutinck

Vincent Heutinck

Financial Controller