PEF Technologies B.V. is a start-up company which has been founded in 2018. Our team unites highly skilled professionals in the field of pulsed power electronics. During the years of experience we have acquired a lot of unique “know how” knowledge in the building of nanosecond pulse generators for the generation of high current electron beams and powerful X ray emitters. The problems of food and beverages preservation and reduction of energy consumption are daily problems and not new. Employing our knowledge and experience we decided to facilitate in solution of both problems at once. Our solution is to apply nanosecond pulsed electric fields to the food and beverages preservation. After a number of initial tests on proof of principle concept we came to the conclusion on technical and commercial feasibility of food and beverages preservation with the use on nanosecond high voltage pulses. Currently, the technology is under commercialization. Mission Our ultimate goal is to bring to the market a highly competitive process of food sterilization with nanosecond high voltage pulses. This process results in the fresh and original taste drink in your glass after months of storage. The additional benefit is that the energy consumption during our process is 10 to 50 times smaller compared to the present pasteurization methods. Vision The main goal is the introduction of non-thermal and energy efficient preservation technology worldwide. At that moment we are focused on the Netherlands market of dairy and beer market in Europe. With a proven track record we can become a competitive player in the world of novel preservation technologies.