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Meet our new Managing Director

Former Supply Chain Director/Plant Manager of Royal FrieslandCampina, Meeuwes Buiten, has joined PEF Technologies as a Managing Director.

During the whole life Meeuwes Buiten was related to the dairy sector in The Netherlands and worldwide. More than 40+ years of experience in this field gave him a deep understanding of problems and needs of dairy producers from farmers to lead players. During the last decades he took different managing positions at Royal FrieslandCampina. Under his guidance several production facilities were successfully launched. In this position he acquired a lot of knowledge in different product groups and established a broad network within dairy industry.

After two years of effective cooperation on a consultancy basis, the team of PEF Technologies and Meeuwes Buiten have formed a trusted relationship. Starting from 20th of June 2020, Meeuwes officially continued his role as a Managing Director of PEF Technologies. Valeriy Mitko, Technical Director and co-owner of PEF Technologies, said: “Since 2019, Meeuwes Buiten supported our company with his knowledge and guidance. Even before his official appointment as a Managing Director, he became an essential part of the team. His knowledge of the product development and his broad network within dairy sector not only in the Netherlands but globally makes his input indispensable for the company. I believe that under his lead we have all chances to bring the product to the market in the nearest future.”

Commenting on his new role, Meeuwes Buiten said: “I see a lot of potential in PEF Technologies and their solution of liquid food preservation, especially for milk processing. The recent results of the validation testing of prototype were better than I have ever expected which is confirmed by the third party. I see that the market perspectives are much broader than our prime market of small and medium dairy farms. There is a lot of potential in the fruit juices, beer industry, as well as in different niche markets like egg processing industry etc. The nanosecond PEF treatment kills all the bacteria, without affecting any ingredients, and hardly heats up the liquid. On top of this, the energy consumption of the machine is substantially lower comparing to any other existing pasteurization methods, since no fossil fuel is needed, meaning that CO2 emission is reduced as well. Moreover, the commercial machine should be quite compact and can be easily plugged in 220 Volt or connect to a solar power source, which gives promising opportunities for the food market of undeveloped countries.”