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NanoPEF: Innovation that changes the way we preserve our food!

Electroporation nanoPEF

The food industry has several traditional ways to preserve its products to make sure their shelf life is extended and spoilage is prevented. Pasteurizing, freezing, canning and drying are all examples of how the food industry traditionally preserves its products. Tech company PEF Technologies is currently changing the historical landscape of preservation with their innovative nanoPEF technology.

What is nanoPEF?
Treatment Chamber

NanoPEF (nanosecond pulsed electric fields) preservation is a relatively new technology that shows a great promise in food conservation. The nanoPEF technology utilizes ultra short-duration electrical pulses to treat food. It involves subjecting food to brief, high-voltage electrical pulses in the nanosecond range (billionths of a second). These pulses create an intense electric field within the food, causing a positive impact that contributes to preservation against spoilage.

Like the image on the right displays, the liquid flows between two plane electrodes under the uniform pulsed electric field, which causes the death of the vegetative bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms due to the phenomenon known as “electroporation” of cell membranes. In turn, the nutrients essential for human health, such as vitamins, minerals, lipids, and proteins are not affected.

What are the benefits of nanoPEF?

NanoPEF not only extends the shelf life of products. Other than the traditional preservation methods, nanoPEF makes it possible to retain the nutritional quality of the product. Traditional preservation methods like heating or canning can lead to nutrient loss. Here is the full list of benefits:

  • Extended shelf life: all preservation methods are focused on extending shelf life. With the nanoPEF technology, this is also being done;
  • Retain nutritional quality: as mentioned above, this is something that is a real benefit of nanoPEF compared to traditional preservation methods;
  • Food safety: the nanoPEF treatment can kill a wide range of bacteria, molds, yeasts, and harmful pathogens that can cause illnesses;
  • Minimal impact on the core of the product: the nanoPEF technology has minimal (or none) impact on the taste, texture, and appearance of the product;
  • Reduced need for additives: preservation with the nanoPEF technology offers a chemical-free alternative to some traditional preservation methods that use chemicals within the preservation process. Therefore, it reduces the reliance on additives in food products;
  • Energy efficient: the nanoPEF technology is, relative to other methods, very energy efficient, making it an environmentally responsible choice to preserve food. It is a rapid process that requires only brief exposure to electrical pulses.

What can nanoPEF do for you?

Are you active in the food industry and curious about the possibilities of nanoPEF? Get in touch with us and explore the world of nanoPEF. The new way to preserve our food! You can contact us at