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PEF Technologies Speaks at the Fondsendag Overijssel 2023

On Wednesday, the 13th of September, we were honored to present the story of PEF Technologies to the Members of the Parliament of the Province of Overijssel in The Netherlands. During the pitch, we presented the innovations we are working on and shared stories about the projects we could start with the funding we received from the government.

The presentation was held by our CTO, Valeriy Mitko. The goal of the pitch was to inform the Members of Parliament from the Province of Overijssel about the innovative projects the government is supporting through funding. It was a great event to showcase the collaboration between innovative startups and regional funds.

Valeriy Mitko on the event: “In the world of innovative technologies, it takes a relatively long time to develop a product and bring it to market. In other words, we can’t go to the bank for financing because we don’t have a product. Moreover, it is almost impossible to secure financing with venture capital funds at an early stage since it is considered a high-risk investment. And this is where regional funds like IFO and EFO play a crucial role. They participate as an investment partner for VC’s, which makes it possible to invest in early-stage startups like PEF Technologies. In addition to financial support, the regional funds provide their expertise during the development of the business case, facilitate the establishment of strategic partnerships for effective product development and assist in business development, introducing the company to new clients.”

Curious about the innovations we are working on? Please contact us via the contact form below.