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PEF Technologies attended the Accelerating Sustainability Summit 2023

On Monday the 23rd of May, our COO and Co-founder Yulia Mitko represented PEF Technologies during the Accelerating Sustainability Summit in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. During the 2-day summit, different innovative and leading partners within the food industry took on topics such as the need for integration of sustainable innovations within the industry, its benefits for reaching the climate goals and how the industry can help innovative companies like PEF Technologies to enter the market.

The inspiring talk of Yulia Mitko focussed on the innovative technology that was developed by PEF Technologies and its benefits for the food industry. Topics such as reduced processing temperature and therefore efficient energy consumption for processing and cooling were taken on.

Yulia Mitko about the Accelerating Sustainability Summit: “sustainable innovations are aiming to solve very important problems which can grow into a real catastrophe in the future if we don’t act today”. Therefore, Mitko really sees the value of a summit like the Accelerating Sustainability Summit: “It is the second year I’m participating in the summit. It is great to see leading partners in the industry brainstorming about innovation and sustainability. It will eventually lead to a more sustainable and future-proof industry”.

For PEF Technologies, the summit was a great opportunity to showcase the innovative new way of retaining the original quality of food using nanosecond pulsed electric fields (nanoPEF) to the industry. NanoPEF keeps the taste and nutrients intact, therefore it gives a lot of prospects for alternative proteins or materials, which are mainly heat sensitive. The technology retains the original quality of food, it is fully electrical and up to 50% more energy-efficient compared to pasteurization.

Have a look at our presentation during the Accelerating Sustainability Summit and learn more about PEF Technologies by clicking here.

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Yulia gives speech