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Energy efficient food preservation technology

Nanosecond Pulsed Electric field processing is a fully electrical solution that can inactivate micro-organisms with much lower processing temperatures than conventional pasteurization. With nanoPEF processing you can achieve a desired bio load reduction with minimized energy consumption while keeping all the healthy nutrients intact.
Treatment Chamber
Electroporation nanoPEF

The essence of technology

What is the essence of nanoPEF-process? Liquid flows between two plane electrodes under the uniform pulsed electric field which causes death of the vegetative spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms due to the phenomenon known as “electroporation” of cell membranes. In turn, the nutrients essential for human health such as vitamins, minerals, lipids and proteins are not affected.
Our approach is based on the fact that the bio load reduction rate increases in proportion with electric field intensity. We developed a break-through technology for food preservation using the electric fields of high intensity in nanosecond range which fulfills the industry standards of product safety, reduce processing temperature and minimize quality losses for heat-sensitive products.

Milk and Dairy products

Milk is an ideal culture-medium for both spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms, which contaminate dairy products and cause biofilm formations inside processing lines. However, only severe temperatures are able to destroy all harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, milk is a very heat-sensitive liquid and every degree of heat reveals in quality losses. Conventional pasteurization proved itself as a robust solution to make your product safe but it is not an ideal option for production of milk-based ingredients. The nanoPEF processing inactivates microorganisms at temperatures below 65°C and doesn’t deteriorate milk nutrients and keeps the retention of protein composition, including immune proteins like LgG, at 99.8%.

Juice and fruit beverages

Pasteurization is widely used for juice preservation. However, pasteurization temperature affected sensory stability to a large extent. The pasteurization of fruit juices is normally done at 95°C for 15 seconds. Conversely, during the nanoPEF-processing juice temperature remains below 30°C which keeps 100% of original taste in every drop. On top of that, nanoPEF kills microorganisms at the level equivalent to conventional pasteurization resulting in a shelf-life up to 20 days. If you would like to reduce the energy input during juice production, the nanoPEF-system can be a good solution. Our technology is effective against harmful bacteria even without pre-heating!

Interested in our technology?

If you want to know more about our technology and how it could be beneficial for your business, we are glad to help! Would you like to see the performance of nanoPEF-preservation for your product? Our prototype equipment can be delivered to your place of production for trials. Please, fill in the contact form by pressing the button and we will react shortly.