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The faces behind PEF Technologies: Ewald Huiskes

Within this topic, we are sharing the people and faces behind PEF Technologies with you. At PEF Technologies, we work hard to make innovation work. But who is actually working on this innovation on a daily basis? This time we have our newest team member, Business Development Manager, Ewald Huiskes, featured.

Get to know Ewald HuiskesEwald Huiskes

I was born and raised in the beautiful city called Hengelo in the Eastern part of The Netherlands. After graduating from highschool, I decided to study at HEAO Economic Linguistics. During my professional life I have gathered extensive knowledge of a great number of processing techniques in several industries, ultimately in the food and pharma industry. Both are very versatile and essential industries with renowned companies and a high level of innovation. During my role as KAM (Key Account Manager), I realized that especially the innovation part gets me motivated. Innovation keeps us alert and alive, since the daily routine in the food industry is about controlling and minimizing the hazards of pathogens, I was triggered by the innovative nanoPEF technology which directed me towards PEF Technologies. People describe me as a versatile and warm person practicing a lot of different sports such as tennis, paddle, hiking, skiing and cycling. I also sing in a choir called FC Twente Voetbalkoor. It is named after a local professional football club FC Twente. I enjoy speaking several different languages fluently so in a huge part of the world I put interlocutors comfortably at ease as they can speak their mother tongue.

What challenges do you see within the Food Industry?

Currently, the food industry is facing a lot of challenges requiring new ways of processing, demanding far less energy, thinking global and acting local is the paradigm. At PEF Technologies, we offer ways to revolutionize the food processing industry, enhancing food safety with far less energy consumption and at the same time reducing the need for stabilizers and shelf life enhancing formulations.

What does your role at PEF Technologies look like?

In my role as Business Development Manager at PEF Technologies, I’m seeking and realizing sales of equipment and projects and exploring the market for further potential.
The technology has been fully developed and optimised and ready to be launched on the food processing market and I will be delighted to team up with my colleagues to organise everything in detail in order to get the party started!

What is your aim with PEF Technologies?

My short term aim is to find and realize new partnerships and collaborations with companies or universities which intend to achieve a new way of processing or a new range of products using nanoPEF technology. Besides that, I’m looking forward to building new alliances with anyone finding an interest in teaming up with us to develop novelties in the food industry, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry and in other fields of activity: algae, natural API’s.
Long term I can imagine PEF Technologies becoming a reliable and innovative partner to the delicate substance processing industry from food to pharmaceutical base components (API’s) using non-chemical processing techniques.

With which company would you like to work together with the most?

Dreaming is a form of thinking out of the box, and doing so I can imagine cooperating with leading renown companies in the dairy industry.

Any last things you want to share?

I like to emphasize that I am really looking forward to joining forces with my PEF Technologies colleagues. Together we will be the reliable partner to the industry and other stakeholders seeking solutions for their processing or food quality improvement challenges! If you want to know more about me or PEF Technologies, please contact us via the contact form below.