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The NIZO Startup Day, accelerating innovation within the food industry

During the Startup Day on Friday the 23rd of June, NIZO celebrated its 75th anniversary together with innovative startups and scale-ups within the food industry. During this day, startups, scale-ups and investors came together during interactive sessions. The goal of the day was to connect innovation with experience and exchange insights about innovation within the food industry. All in all, it was a great event to connect people with an interest in the food industry.

Yulia Mitko, COO of PEF Technologies, about the NIZO Startup Day 2023: “We enjoyed attending this event. During the event, NIZO enabled a very positive and open atmosphere that made it pleasant to meet up with new connections. In general, we have had a very positive experience working with NIZO. They have extensive knowledge of food safety and quality compliance for new products to be introduced to the market. On top of that, they provide a tailored approach and complete guidance from prototyping up to the end product. It was exciting for us to visit the NIZO pilot plant. It is a one-of-a-kind facility where you can make prototypes of your technology or product in a real industrial environment. For startups in the technology validation phase, there are not too many facilities like this to choose from. We are up to a start on the new project with NIZO to show that our nanoPEF-pilot keeps milk safe and 100% natural, so you will hear more in the coming future.”

NIZO helps food startups succeed by offering useful knowledge, a very broad range of lab testing services and a food-grade pilot plant. Read more about how NIZO helps startups via


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